Arnold Assistants - Nicola Caines, Jade Swift, Rachael Barlow, Katie Barlow.
Ilkeston Assistants - Jordan Brown, Bea Horridge, Carrie Parish.

Meet our Assistants

Nicola Caines

My interest in dance began at the age of 5, I was introduced to the Dance Divaz by my older sister who had danced there for the last 2 years.  I'm currently studying my A levels in Psychology, Sociology, Geography and PE.  Hopefully in the next few years I will be going to University and of course carry on dancing.  Dance Divaz has been such a big part of my life and I couldn't think of a better dance school I would like to be in.

Jade Swift

I began dancing at the age of 4 at the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama where I completed my I.D.T.A exam in Modern Dance.  I have been part of the Dance Divaz since the age of 9 and was given the opportunity to become a student teacher in 2010.  I have a wide range of dance skills that include Irish, Street and Contemporary. 

I recently completed my studies in Resort Representatives and Cabin Crew hoping to pursue a career in the travel industry.  I am grateful that I can take many skills I have learnt through being involved with the Dance Divaz throughout the rest of my career, and my passion for dance will stay with me forever.

Rachel Barlow

I have danced from an early age alongside gymnastics. I started dancing with Lorraine in 2005 at the age of 10, this has given me the opportunity to develop many skills and build my confidence. I am passionate about dance and love to support the pupils within the school.

I am currently studying at Brackenhurst University for my other passion which is horses, and am moving on to complete a degree in Sport Horse Management and Coaching. Had it not been for Dance Divaz I wouldn't have had the confidence and drive to be where I am today.

Katie Barlow

I started dancing with Lorraine when I was 7 years old working my way up from the Juniors to the Seniors and now currently the Intermediates.  I have also taken I.D.T.A exams in both Ballet and Modern.  I have competed in gymnastics and acrobatics since I was 2 years old and currently coach younger gymnasts to be the best they can.  I am now in the process of an apprenticeship for my other passion of hairdressing, which I hope to qualify as a fully trained hairdresser in 2 years time.

Beatrice Horridge

I've been dancing with the Dance Divaz since 2006.  The school has given me some fantastic opportunities and helped me to choose my future career.  I'm aspiring to be a Primary School Teacher and am hoping to move onto University.

Dance Divaz has created some fabulous memories over the years and I am grateful to everyone who has made them.  I look forward to supporting the pupils and taking part in the many shows we get to perform in.  It is clear to see the enjoyment that dancing brings to all who attend.

Carrie Parish

I have been part of Dance Divaz since 2002 aged just 7.  I can honestly say being part of the dance school is amazing.  It has given me so many unforgettable memories and the opportunity to meet so many lovely people.

I am currently studying Sports & Exercise at University with an ambition to become a P.E Teacher.  As well as giving me essential experience of working with children, Dance Divaz has given me the opportunity to be part of something I am so passionate about.